Ricketts, Dogs, and Crosby’s Playing

by Ryan

Not to steal from our good friends at First Time, Long Time; but here are some links for Friday afternoon:

– I’ve never had a dog, but Bill Simmons wrote a great piece about his dog. You can tell when he cares about something, and this was excellent. Still can’t hate the guy like some do.

– The Cubs just got Ricketts, or should I say the Ricketts just got the Cubs.

– I forgot to mention Tim Thomas’ save on Jason Blake. Here, watch Blake get laid out by a goaltender:

– Sidney Crosby is not playing in the All Star Game. I’ll have some thoughts on the game later, but no Crosby does make it a lot less watchable.

– Gary Bettman is serious about this All Star Game business. Personally, forcing people who don’t want to play into the game is a bit absurd. I hope Golden Boy didn’t have anything important planned.

– The CBA won’t be opened this summer, which means I’ll have until 2011 to understand it.

– Have you ever seen Weezy’s blog at ESPN? I really don’t have anything to add. Isn’t the fact that it exists enough?

– I did end up watching the Magic/Celtics game last night, and I was pretty impressed by Boston. I’m still getting through Free Darko’s book, but I’m trying to be a better basketball fan as the season goes on. If only I slept less, I’d have all this down…

– The reason we put a link to our bingo board on the sidebar was because of this article written by Peter and Andrew over at USRT. I’ve never been in Artvoice before, and I don’t think we’ve ever been praised in print, so thanks to them for the compliment.

– Nice story on LaFontaine opening the “Lion’s Den” in Montreal.

– The latest on Briere? Entrapment! He’s like a soap opera this year. So much fun.

Back with some video game all star thoughts in a bit.