by Ryan

Today I’ll post a ton, I promise. Here are some thoughts on Wild Card weekend thus far:

– NBC had on Matt Millen before the Cardinals/Falcons game and pretty much the entire day. Now while it’s great that he feels well enough to show his face these days, what the hell was NBC thinking? Why would we want to listen to him? What could he possibly have to say about playoff football after HE BUILT THE TEAM THAT WENT 0-16!!! What could he possibly have to say that ANYONE would believe? What does he know about winning, besides nothing?

I am honestly more qualified to be on the pregame show, if only because I didn’t draft a pro football team that couldn’t manage to win one game. There is no coming back from that, and you are never, ever credible again.

– I was surprised by how enjoyable both games turned out to be. I’m not really rooting for any one team this postseason, but I really thought the Buzzsaw would fold and Peyton would blow out the Chargers. Both didn’t happen, and they were two pretty good games all things considered. If the other two games live up to it I’d say we are heading for a heck of a postseason, because we won’t even seen Carolina or the Giants play anyone until next week. A potential Panthers/Cardinals match up in the divisional round? Heck yes.

– I’ve never drafted Tomlinson in a fantasy league. I’ve honestly never been given the chance. After this season I’m pretty sure I’d like to keep it that way. Is that what he’s turned into? Some guy who plays five snaps and sells crappy televisions? Yikes. He morphed into Shaun Alexander faster than Shaun Alexander did.

– Matt Ryan looked like a rookie quarterback today. His brother also looked like a cyborg. I know there was a terrible car accident and everything, but Kurt Warner thinks God wants him to smile a little.

– Speaking of Kurt, he didn’t thank God in his postgame interview, which immediately made me think of Pedro Cerrano and Jobu. “F#$k you, Jesus, I do it myself.”

– Commercials are getting out of hand these days. I feel like that will become its own post soon, but there wasn’t much to like out of what NBC was selling yesterday.

– We are going to talk about the Sabres game for sure, I just want to watch it again. Live blogging the UB game means I didn’t see as much of it as I’d like, and the result immediately makes me want to take a closer look. I’m going to be watching football all afternoon, so I’ll be checking in quite a bit today.

Enjoy the games, and bask in the afterglow of a two game winning streak. I think I hear a choir singing.