Pond Hockey, Slankets, and Podcasts

by Ryan

A few ramblings for your mid-afternoon reading:

– The Sabres officially announced that the West Coast trip will be radio only, with Rick Jeanneret not making the trip. Kevin Sylvester, Curt Keilback, and Paul Hamilton will be filling in, which means that even the radio feed will sound foreign. Next week we will have a full post on alternative ways to watch or hear the game, so don’t panic. There are ways around pretty much everything these days.

– We haven’t really talked about the live blog we did for the games on Sunday. A quick thanks to everyone who came out and talked for a bit. We got a pretty decent response, and a few people stayed around for both games to make them a bit more interesting. Somehow out of all that came a conversation about Snuggies, and how clearly inferior they are to The Slanket.

I mean, not only does The Slanket have better models, but 11 different colors? Certainly they are the superior hybrid blanket/article of clothing. The downside is the $45 price tag, but can you really put a price on looking ridiculous in alaskan blue? Didn’t think so.

– Looks like the Fall of Icarus continues in Philly. Who knows what happens to him once he’s healthy, but the fact that he’s being shopped so soon is pretty interesting. The further away from that summer we get, the smarter Darcy looks. Perhaps doing nothing really was the best strategy given the current market. Interesting.

– A week or so ago we got an email about the pond hockey tournament taking place in the Erie Basin Marina in February. We meant to talk about it and had some things ready, but I just checked and it says the spots in the tournament are sold out. That’s great news for the tournament, but bad news for anyone who wanted to throw a team together and give it a shot. Either way it looks like it’ll be a fun time, and the weather should cooperate.

– I don’t usually listen to Bill Simmons’ podcasts, but this week he had on Chuck Klosterman. Since Klosterman is one of my favorite authors, I decided to give it a shot. It was pretty freaking long, but fairly enjoyable. I found out that Klosterman will have a new book of essays out sometime next year, and is getting married in the fall. Interesting all around.

– The Cardinals are trying to give the New Sombrero that Pink Taco feel by wearing red uniforms.

– I’m debating whether to throw together an All Balls post this year because Sekera has played fairly well and currently sits on the shelf. It honestly depends on how bored I get over the All Star break. We plan on posting often, but if we run out of topics I’d expect one.

– After posting about the Honda Superskills Challenge I noticed that the NBA also sells the naming rights to their events, including the Slam Dunk Contest. I’m not sure when that started (at least a few years ago), but either way I’d hate to be the announcers for the events.

– Are we still talking about this? We’re talking about a retired quarterback talking about last year’s playoff bye week? I mean, I have a hard time listening to Troy Aikman talk about anything; but why is this important? Can’t we just talk about this instead? Watching that is just so much more fun.

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  1. dani

    Did you SEE that slam dunk, did you see it? (RE: lulz to the last title).