Play Along at Home

by Ryan

Sadly, SabresTV doesn’t have a Pominville postgame interview from the Chicago game. I assume this may become a problem on the road, which means we started doing this at the best time of the season. However, here’s Pominville from Thursday’s game.

He started off strong, then tailed off when Hamilton showed up. Overall a shaky first performance for our bingo board. Follow along at home, and when I wake up I’ll put up the official score as well as a preview of the Hurricanes.

Just a reminder. Here’s what we got:

Get pucks deep


Overall an utter disapointment in its maiden voyage. I’m almost positive he was somehow made aware of this and tanked to spite us. We will have to see how it develops over the next few games, but something tells me we will be seeing higher scores down the line. Hopefully he can get on a roll, get some quotes to the net, and work hard.


  1. Caroline

    Hahahaha “Definitely” is a classic Pominvillism.

  2. Chris

    He said “worked hard.” I would give it to him for the “work ethic” square.