Pivot or Pointless?

by Ryan

Somehow, I’m going to the game tonight. Expect a “View” post sometime late tonight, and be sure to stop by for the live blog tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it, as it gives me a real excuse to sit in front of the TV all day. We’ve also been working on something that we will talk about Monday, but tough choices will be made for sure.

There’s not much to talk about when it comes to the Sabres because so much of it is wait and see. We know Sekera will miss a few weeks, so it will be an interesting transition on the blueline. If Hank steps we could be better in the long run, but there are still a few issues that need to be dealt with.

The larger question is this: which Sabres team will show up tonight? Will they sleep through a period, or will the crowd be there to pick them up following a big win on the road? This is the last home game for a few weeks; will Buffalo take advantage while they can or does two points against a team close in the standings slip away? A look at the schedule says this team can’t afford a slip, but a look in the mirror shows the footing isn’t all that great.

Which team shows up tonight?