Pieces Parts

by Ryan

I’m working on a Vanek post at the moment, but here are a few interesting things in the interim.

– Yahoo had an interesting article about disclosing injuries in the NHL. To be honest it was a bit confusing, but here was the best part:

Paul Holmgren has seen the old and the new, first as a player on Philadelphia’s Broad Street Bullies and now as GM of the Flyers.

Life was certainly simpler before the advent of sports talk radio, ever-changing Web sites, and the saturation of blogs. Then, announcing that a player was hurt was enough.

“There was basically just the print media, and depending on what team you were with, limited TV coverage,” Holmgren said. “Today, the information that is available through a lot of different resources has pushed it to another level. It certainly wasn’t around back when I played. It was almost like, ‘Who cares?’ Now everybody wants to know.”

So… everything was so much better when people just didn’t care about anything? Hoc-key? I understand what Ira is getting at here, but I find it hard to blame people for wanting to know what the hell happened to Teppo’s face. Damn bloggers.

– Speaking of broken faces, it’s good to see that Willis is going to be okay. Be sure to send him your get well cards/Applebees gift certificates in a timely manner.

– Since when are the Sabres 7-3 in their last ten?

– Speaking of records, if you were with us last year we kept checking in with Mirtle’s 90 Points or Bust until the bitter end. This year things are looking better, with the Sabres only needing to finish 19-16 to get to the (now 91) point total necessary. Getting that number under .500 on the road trip would be huge for this team down the stretch.

– The Bills announced today that ticket prices will remain the same next season. CONSISTENCY!

– Looks like Carey Price will be playing in the All Star Game after all. Too bad, because at this point I don’t see a better goaltender in the East than Ryan Miller.

– I’m trying to avoid the Anquan Boldin thing, but it’s really an interesting situation. The Cardinals have two disgruntled players on their roster (Edge and Boldin) yet are on their way to the Super Bowl. A part of me thinks Boldin’s comments are being overblown by the media, and the other part of me thinks he just needs to shut up and enjoy the ride. Either way, the next two weeks will all make us want to die. Yay media day!

– Speaking of Edge… really? It wasn’t even two months ago that he was screaming to be traded. Now he’s a genius?

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  1. Jonathan

    Part of me wants Miller in the ASG. Then the smart part of me goes, why? He needs the rest and why risk him in a pointless exhibition.