On the Pond, Tails Never Fails, and Unsold Playoff Tickets

by Ryan

– So I did play pond hockey yesterday. Amazingly I had never played on an actual pond before, and it was everything I hoped it would be. As in it was freaking awesome. The ice was uneven, it was a lot harder to skate, but there’s something about finding open ice in the middle of a frozen river that’s just so much more fun than renting ice time. The “free” thing is nice, too. I heartily recommend it to anyone. Go while it’s still cold and you won’t drown.

– Is it just me or is the Super Bowl Hype less pronounced this year than last? Perhaps it’s because the Patriots have been replaced by the Buzzsaw in the equation (with Pittsburgh replacing New York, I suppose…), or maybe it’s just because I’m ignoring it. Still, this is pretty great. It’s good to know that New York State collectively understands the “tails never fails” mentality.

– I should have waited on the FAIL post. This is a much better picture:

Puck Daddy drops the ball on a playoff tickets/economy post. Here’s what he says about Buffalo:

Take a look at the current standings, and tell me where the indicators of recessionary trouble are going to be found. The New Jersey Devils and Carolina Hurricanes are notorious for slow first-round ticket sales; every other team in the Eastern Conference, save for perhaps the Buffalo Sabres, will sell out.

Clearly he’s taking the platinum pricing fiasco as a sign that demand is going down. I think we know that’s very far from the case. The Sabres simply overvalued the next two home games. Wyshynski is taking a small amount of information and making an assumption that just doesn’t add up. Kevin at Bfloblog should have something about this up sometime today, so I’d look for that.

– Not to make a habit out of our discussions of infomercials, but this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. How is that even coloring? That’s like, the laziest art project in the history of mankind. Dragging water over paper to reveal previously designed patterns is not art. That’s like wiping the dust off a painting and claiming you repainted it.

– Odd article about Joe Thornton, the Sharks, and the Bruins. I feel like he’s trying to say that both sides benefited from the trade, which is kind of absurd. The only good Boston got from trading their franchise winger was that their GM eventually got fired. I think you could make the case that not trading away your best player in a decade and getting a new GM would make it an even better team. It’s revisionist history for sure, but so is saying the Thornton deal was a good thing. A President’s Trophy doesn’t make bankruptcy awesome in Buffalo, does it?

– Zetterberg appears to have a contract extension with Detroit, further convincing me that the Wings’ GM is a wizard.

No morning skate for the team today. We’ll have a preview of Calgary up in a bit, as well as a few other things.