My Hockey Weekend

by Ryan

With all that said below, what will I be doing with my weekend?

Well, I’m going to watch hockey. The All Star Break is always awful for hockey fans, but I’ve decided to fill it with other types of hockey. For example, last night I stumbled upon UB playing Mercyhurst at the Pepsi Center. It was a surprisingly entertaining game, with UB jumping out to a 6-2 lead before Mercyhurst tied it upon the strength of their power play unit. They would win it 7-6 in overtime, leaving the home crowd stunned in their wake.

After watching a game unfold like that, I decided I should catch some more local hockey while there are no distractions. Today I’m heading to Niagara University to watch some women’s hockey. They are playing Syracuse, which means I have a special reason to catch this game.

Perhaps sometime after all that I’ll watch the Skills Challenge. I’m taping it for sure, but for now there’s some real hockey to attend to. I know Ovechkin will be fun to watch, but I want to see some real hockey today. It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything but NHL hockey, and that really is a shame.

I hope everyone enjoys the crisp winter day. I’ll be at the rink.


  1. Katie

    haha I’m going to make a creeper comment cause i GO to Mercyhurst and we just owned UConn two nights in a row. (7-2 and 5-0)


  2. dani

    Dude. I went to the game when it was like -74 degrees. I RAN from the rink to my friends dorm holding hot chocolate and praying not to slip on the ice/not get run over by a car. I swear to you its warmer inside.