Morning Musings

by Ryan

Just a few things to look over before we talk Edmonton.

– Our friend Corey Tropp was suspended for the year by MSU yesterday. It’s strange, in all the reaction to the incident a few people have stumbled upon our draft profile of him from back in the day. It’s strange to see people looking at that page that aren’t Corey Tropp’s friends coming to heckle us. How times have changed.

This was a pretty cool link about goalie pads. A high school goaltender designed pads that look like the net. It’s effectiveness is debated in the article, but it’s along the same lines as Fleury changing from yellow to white pads last season. The logic is that white gives the appearance that shooters have more net to aim at, so I guess that makes sense.

What I found really interesting is that he already has a patent pending for the design. That’s an enterprising kid who happens to be able to afford custom pads. What’s also cool is that he used the experience to get into college. It’s not the best of college essays, but it’s a pretty cool hockey-related one.

– Did Texas really make this their batting helmet? Holy crap.

– One thing I forgot to mention: Vanek’s Warrior gloves looked awesome this weekend.

The red/white/blue color scheme looked really cool, and the logo on the thumb was an interesting idea. I don’t think I ever want to see him in anything but blue and gold, but for one weekend it looked pretty good.

– The AHL All Star Game was last night, and Mark Mancari had three points (2+1) for the losing squad. I honestly have no idea why it’s set up like that, but good for him.

– I hope Pominville has a good game tonight, but for the twisted reason that I know we might get a postgame interview posted. Then again, we may not see anything on SabresTV for weeks because of the road trip. We shall see.

– I’m playing pond hockey today. That has nothing to do with anything, but I’m excited about it.

One Comment

  1. Jonathan

    To quote Joe Buck, about the Tropp incident. “A disgusting act”

    I don’t want that kid on the Sabres, not if he doesn’t have the sense to stop himself from slashing a guy in the neck, while on the ice.