Mini Puck Madness

by Ryan

If you’ve been buying the Sabres Mini Pucks this season, God bless. For most people it seems the novelty of a player’s head glued to stuff has passed, but the Sabres still feel like we need to see who’s ready for purchase with each visit to I think it’s pretty obvious that some pucks will be more popular than others, so the idea must be to pair a popular player with a less popular one, right?

Well, this week must be pretty fantastic. Let’s check the ad.

One player has been an utter disappointment, the other completely unreliable! Guess which is which! Afinogenov! Lalime! $2.99! It’s the Sabres Mini Puck Collection, only at Topps!

Years from now Sabres fans will look at their mini puck collection and think one of two things. Either these pucks are timepieces because of the players involved, or you teach your cats how to play mini hockey with the Max and Lalime ones. I think it’s the perfect pair, really. Max can’t hit the net and Lalime can’t protect it.


  1. PinkJerseysSuck

    i hope these are 2 for 1. (and i mean 2 sets.)

  2. Jennifer

    Oh Ryan, now that’s just plain mean! True, but mean! šŸ™‚