Miller an All Star Again?

By Chris

Carey Price, the starting goalie for the Eastern All Stars, may be between the pipes for the All Star game next weekend after all.

TSN reports:

Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price is looking to return to the ice next week and hopes to be able to play in the 57th NHL All-Star Game next weekend.

Price, who has missed the last eight games with an ankle injury, was on the ice for 45 minutes before the Canadiens’ practice on Friday.

“I left early because I was out there early and I was tired but I’m close to coming back,” Price told the Montreal Gazette. “I won’t go to Ottawa with the team but I hope to play one of the games next week (in Atlanta and New Jersey).”

Price, who edged out Pittsburgh’s Marc-Andre Fleury as the All-Star starter, has been sidelined since Dec. 30 when the Canadiens beat the Tampa Bay Lightning in a 2-1 shootout.

If Price can’t go, it would mean a spot open on the team, and Puck Daddy argues that Ryan Miller should ship up to Montreal with teammate Thomas Vanek as representatives from the Sabres.

More importantly, who gets the third goalie spot? The Habs are already well-represented on the team, so it can be anyone from the conference. It would be an absolutely crime if it isn’t Ryan Miller of the Buffalo Sabres; but could a case be made for either Craig Anderson of the Florida Panthers or Scott Clemmensen of the New Jersey Devils?

Miller played exceptionally well to start the season, trailed off a little after and has been very strong in the last two-and-a-half weeks. The last few games, he’s been fundamentally sound and has looked like an elite goaltender.

Hopefully Price will make a decision soon and they can fill that spot if it’s going to be open. It wouldn’t shock me if Miller declined a spot on the team because they didn’t tell him far enough in advance for him to adequately prepare for it.


  1. Jill

    You know I think I am having a change of heart on this whole situation. I REALLY wanted Millsie in on the All Stars BUT as we are seeing LaLime not playing very well as a back up Lindy is going to loose faith in him and his patience. And what do you think will happen. Miller will be run into the ground. He may need this time to rest up a bit. Someone said to me a few weeks ago about the possibility of him getting injured and the Sabres really would be in trouble then… so I am going to say I hope if he is asked… he declines. Wow I can’t believe I just said that.

    The game is silly anyways. The skills competition is cool to watch but… the risk of injury is to great.

  2. No Use for a Nick Name

    How the fuck is Marc-Andre Fleury even close to an all-star?