Live Blog, Nipples, and T-Blades

by Ryan

I’m working on a Stars preview, but there was plenty to talk about other than Dallas, so here’s a few things before that gets posted.

– We were debating on whether or not to live blog the football games on Sunday, and we decided to give it a shot. The blog will go up on Sunday at about 3, so stop by if you want to talk some football. Shoot us an email if you want to help us out, or if you want to host it on your site as well. Should be fun.

– I thought this photo was pretty interesting:

From what I remember of this hit, Seabrook took a run at Hecht and missed, so Jochen gave him a shove to reciprocate. From the looks of the picture he blew Seabrook up, which isn’t the case from what I remember. Also, I didn’t realize Hecht wore t-blades. *crunchcrunchcrunch*

– I was looking for a video of the Stafford hit last night and somehow came across this video about Tim Connolly. I’m not sure what “mrsafinogenov” is driving at, but I swear I’m not “redsox24515”. Kind of agree with his assessment of the Max vs. Timmy debate, though.

– Also, I guess this happened last night? Looks like the power play wasn’t the only thing exposed during the game.

Puck Daddy has another item on Afinogenov. To be honest, the more we hear about Max possibly on the move the better. The trade deadline is always more about the buzz created about a player than his actual value. The more he gets pumped up, the better a chance he gets a ride out of town.

– The good news is that even with the loss the Sabres didn’t lose much ground to the teams behind them. The Penguins lost 6-3 at home to Washington, and even lost a defenseman and maybe Sidney Crosby for a while. That’s a tough home game for sure.

– Looks like Sekera is going to miss some time due to this hit:

Didn’t look like a terrible, but WRG is calling it “indefinitely”. However, “lower body” isn’t exactly specific, so who knows what the issue is.

Dallas preview will be up in a bit. We have a little more time with the 8:30 starts, but it should be up within the hour.