Links for the Afternoon

by Ryan

– Sometime last year we openly wondered where a lot of the Empire Sports people went. We knew about Josh Mora, but yesterday Chris had big news: he found Jim Brinson! It’s like an awkward high school reunion with early 90s production values…

– After the Tampa game I feared we wouldn’t see any interviews during the trip to the left coast. Wrong. There’s been no less than five videos posted for each game. Sadly, no Jason Pominville. Do you think Larry Quinn reads Artvoice?

– Speaking of Artvoice writers, USRT has one of the most depressing blog posts about Buffalo I’ve ever seen. That pile of chairs is going to haunt me forever.

– Kris Baker at Sabres Prospects has more news on Tropp, as well as part of an interview he did recently.

– I’m sure you heard by now that Money will be making the trip to the Pro Bowl next weekend. Question: if twoeightnine made a Hawaiian “Beast Mode” shirt, would you buy it?

– Niagara’s hockey team will join the Atlantic Hockey, bringing the Atlantic up to twelve teams. If it means more RIT/Niagara games, I’m in.

– I forgot that Madden was doing the Super Bowl until I read this. Oh boy.

– Forsberg says he won’t come back to the NHL this season. I bet he’s kidding.


  1. twoeightnine

    I’m not sure if I would buy it. Actually I know I wouldn’t. But I will be updated the shirt to a better font, more like the original Money shirt.

  2. Ryan

    I like the original Money design. That’s the one I bought way back when.

  3. twoeightnine

    You and 3 other people. One of which was Kevin and another was me.

  4. Ryan

    Hey now, Rich bought one too. By the way, awesome job last night in DUAN. That was impressive. I almost texted you about it, actually…

  5. twoeightnine

    So all four have been discovered then. I actually got a hate mail about that this morning. Saying that I shouldn’t have put readily available on the internet information in one convenient location.

  6. Ryan

    It seems to me that fault lies in her getting such an awful tattoo. People can do the same sort of searches and find you or I with little difficulty. We both understand that, and the emailer should as well.

  7. Jonathan

    I didn’t know this, but with Niagara switching they lose 5 scholarships. From 17 to 12.

    Now they are on par with Canisius. So the Griffs can finally take them to the woodshed.

  8. Jonathan Grant Keller

    Jim Brinson landed on his feet? huh?

    But how funny is this shit from the article:

    “Jim also assists in managing daily operations of the KSWT’s newsroom, ensuring accuracy in reporting and maintaining on-air quality control.”

    Later in the bio:

    “In addition to Television, Jim has also been a major league radio play-by-play announcer calling games for the Texas Rangers, Dallas Mavericks, Buffalo Sabers, Toronto Blue Jays and several others.”

    Oh, the irony…

  9. dani

    If it means more RIT/Niagara games, I’m in.

    RIGHT?! Plus I have like 10 billion hockey players in my classes this semester (*fist pump*). And just the idea of John Madden cracks me up.