Ko Simpson is Worth…

by Ryan

A lot of people have jumped on the Ko Simpson DUI story lately because it really is pretty funny. His definition of “millions” may be very generous in the high priced world of the NFL, but he may be on to something when it comes to some other football leagues.

For example, I was on TSN yesterday and saw that the CFL salary cap will stay at $4.2 million next season. I had no idea their salary cap was that low. I mean, that’s an entire football roster for a little more than one Derek Roy. Considering the NFL salary cap for 2008 was about $116,729,000 and you can see the difference between the two leagues. Just a bit more, you see.

So what was Ko Simpson’s contract worth? $2.13 million? I guess that means Ko Simpson is worth about half a CFL team. Not too shabby. He should yell that out next time he’s in trouble. It sounds more impressive.