In Brief

by Ryan

Mike Harrington has been on fire today, proving that sometimes the best thing to do in Tampa Bay is talk about hockey. After spending the evening with the USRT boys, he comes through with some solid news about tonight’s game.

Rivet took a puck to the face in practice but looks to be okay. All we need is another injury on defense, so I think it would take a lot to keep him off the ice. Also, the Sabres spent yesterday playing paintball. That’s a pretty cool day off if you ask me, but with our luck I’m just happy Vanek didn’t get shot in the throat or something.

Oh, and as he stated on Sabres Edge, this is pretty amazing. As someone who won’t get a chance to go back inside the Aud one last time, that’s about as cool as it can get. Harrington says it was taken last week, and I can only hope it sees a few more updates before the building goes down.

No changes in the roster and Miller looks to start tonight. That’s pretty much it for pregame, but we will have something ready to go in about an hour. We plan on staying busy even with the All Star break, which is never fun. Stay tuned.