Imaginary Creature Hosts Cats in Other Cats’ Arena

by Ryan

Much better than an exhibition.

Yesterday I hit up the Canisius/RIT game at Buffalo State Ice Arena. The two teams played a pair of games over the past few days, with RIT winning the first meeting on Thursday 5-2. Earning the sweep would be a bit harder than the first time, but they pulled out the 4-3 win with a third period comeback.

Canisius built a 2-0 lead in the first, only to give it all up in the end. A bad penalty with less than eight to play gave RIT a chance they didn’t pass up, and a nicely executed 3 on 2 gave them their first lead with less than three minutes to play.

I was surprised to see how small a lot of the Canisius players are. Even their blueline looked very undersized, but everyone on the team was willing to get in the corner and bang a few bodies. I was impressed by how aggressive they played, and their forecheck was solid all game. Even the smallest guys on the team worked the boards hard and took some good hits.

Overall I was impressed by Canisus, who did much worse the last time I saw them against Niagara. They still made some big mistakes, including three straight penalties to give RIT two big 5 on 3s. They also failed to cash in their own 5 on 3 that started the third period, and should have had that stick in front tied up on the winning goal.

Still, it was a pretty fun time for only a few bucks. RIT brought a ton of fans down the 90, so the atmosphere was pretty intense. It’s a shame Canisus doesn’t have better teams because they could have a decent student section. I couldn’t understand the majority of RIT’s chants, but their organization is a direct result of how good their hockey team is. From what I’ve heard their building is a pretty amazing sight, which means I’ll have to make the trip to check it out soon.

My friend Dave took some pictures at the game, so I posted a few here. The rest can be seen here.

Golden Goal

Probably my favorite. Nice flex and dive here

RIT goal with student section.

Petey, Goose, and Child

Solid hit. Not the best of the night, but a good example of the physical play.


  1. S.A.M.

    ha, love the title. Looks like you were sitting not too far behind me. It was a fun game. I couldn’t understand much of what RIT’s fans were saying either, except when they spelled R-I-T and told the Canisius goalie “It’s all your fault” which is probably the most painful cheer in all of hockey. It seems rather exclusive to the college hockey atmosphere in my experience though.

    Canisius did look better than the last time I saw them, which was a game against NU a couple of years ago. Their transition game needs work though, they kept getting caught up ice and had a hard time getting back into position. But it was hockey (pretty decent hockey, even) on a hockey-less weekend so that was good. 🙂

  2. Jonathan

    A Griffin is Mythological not imaginary. Big Difference.

    The its all your fault chant, isn’t new. I remember the Cornell fans doing that during the Frozen Four game I went to in 2003.

  3. Ryan

    “What? Is the world out of dragons?”

    “No, they never had any!”

  4. S.A.M.

    I didn’t mean it was new.. I’ve heard it at other college hockey games, most notably Miami (OH) v. Bowling Green back in 2002. But I’ve been to many minor league games AHL and ECHL and a good number of NHL games and I’ve only ever heard the “it’s all your fault” at college games. That’s all. It still makes me cringe.

  5. dave in Rocha

    The wonderful inhabitants of Monroe County would love it if you ventured their way to enjoy an RIT home game. Word of advice, get there early. Like ~6:30 if you want a good seat. If, like me, you prefer to stand, get there by at least 6:45 or else you’ll be standing 2 or 3 deep.

    Some of the chants:
    – e^x dx/dy, secant cosine tangent sine, 3.14159, pi, i*3, let’s go let’s go RIT.
    – Shoot! score! shoot! score! shoot-score! (my personal fave)
    – Strawberry shortcake, banana split, your team stinks like a pile of, shift to the left, shift the right, stand-up sit-down fight, fight fight.
    – The refs sleep together! The refs sleep together!

    Of course some of those are obvious, and there are a few I just can’t think of right now, but it’s something.

  6. twoeightnine

    And here I thought that you were a nerd Dave.

  7. Ebscer

    RIT has been really good this season.

    This was like their 11th straight win in a row, with either them and Air Force more or less dominating the conference.

    As for the chants, lets just say that RIT’s loudest fans aren’t exactly the most knowledgeable.