Hockey News for the Hockey Deprived

by Ryan

Just a few things for those of you missing hockey this weekend.

– I think Kevin sums up the latest news on the road trip nicely. Good to see them do the right thing.

– To continue my hockey weekend, I’m heading to Buffalo State Ice Arena to watch Canisius play RIT.

Sabres Prospects has been doing a great job covering the Sabres in the minors and college. Today he has video of Corey Tropp getting himself into some trouble in the Michigan/Michigan State game.

– I played an NHL97 version of the All Star Game yesterday. Final Score: East 3, West 1. I doubt it will be that low scoring, but I’m pretty sure you needed to know that.

– Question:

Is Vanek borrowing his father’s clothes or something? Everything looks a size too big and 15 years too old for him.

– Did I really just talk about Vanek’s fashion sense? Oh God. Do we still have two days until real hockey? Craaaaap.


  1. S.A.M.

    I was at the game tonight too. Canisius was good till the last couple of minutes. It felt kinda like a Sabres game in that regard.

    oh and hi! I’ve been reading off an on for a while and all of my other blog buddies mention what a great place this is.. and they are right. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ryan

    Thanks Sam! We’ll have some pictures and a little something about the game up in a bit. You’re right, they played a pretty solid game until the third…

  3. Jennifer

    I just think your concern over Vanek’s fashion sense is FUNNY! You need a dose of real hockey BAD!!!