Happy Winter Classic Day

by Ryan

So I guess the Sabres play tonight or something. Probably the Leafs from what I’ve heard. It’s not that I don’t care about the game tonight, but any hockey game played tonight is going to be second fiddle to something, especially something like this:

I was going to talk about the Winter Classic, but I think we’ve said pretty much all there is to say about the events of last year. It was an amazing experience and probably the best sporting event I’ve ever been to. The fact that it took place in Buffalo is incredible. You saw where the second one took place, so when is the next time a small market holds an event like that?

Today proved a few things to me. First, the Winter Classic certainly translates well on television. Being at last year’s Classic didn’t give me the chance to see how it plays out on television, but it’s safe to say the game was watchable. Camera angles were solid, the broadcast was well done, and if I was just flicking channels on New Year’s Day I would stop and watch for a bit.

We won’t know the numbers for some time, but I’d guess that this year’s Winter Classic is just as big a hit as the inaugural event. What makes last year better, of course, is the fact that we all were a part of it. As years go on and more and more of these take place, what happened last January 1st will only feel more special.

Tonight the Sabres do play in Toronto, and from what we’ve heard some things will be different. You’ve heard all the talk, all the big words, and all the locker and line shuffling. We’ve all heard these things, but what matters is what we see. If this team is going to turn the corner it won’t be words but rather actions that accomplish this. Tonight is the game they have to show up and take action in, and that can’t be the end of it.

It takes a lot of games to slide down the standings, and it will take a lot more to climb back up. If this team wants more than 8th place they need to win a lot of games, and every game against a team below you is a must win. The Leafs are three points behind the Sabres.

Will it be actions tonight, or more big words and another two points down the drain?

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  1. Kenny G

    today i compared tonight’s win to the training wheels (maybe) coming off the bike. then i got this image of lindy ruff pushing tim connolly on a tricycle.