by Ryan

I have no idea how Thom Brennaman and Charles Davis got into the broadcast booth last night, but Fox shouldn’t give the keys to just anyone. Here’s the pair losing track of what down it is. Should Oklahoma kick a field goal on third and goal? Davis gives an emphatic no. Smart.

The broadcast was a train wreck throughout the evening. Awful Announcing has a good collection of quotes and analysis and the video above, while Deadspin has The Best Sound Clip Ever About The Greatest Football Playing Quarterback of All Time.

After the third quarter I left my house and had to listen to part of the fourth in the car. I’m not exaggerating when I say the radio broadcast was at least 300 times better than the TV one. I forget who was doing it, but for the first time all night I felt like I was being told what was going on rather than being talked at in a confusing, roundabout way.

Seriously, is that team the best Fox had to offer? Somewhere between the orgasms of Thom and the dead air that is Joe Buck is a decent broadcast. Somewhere.