Final Thoughts on Wild Card Weekend

by Ryan

– I like the elongated moments of silence on the Fox broadcast, but not because they are useful. I just like that I don’t have to listen to Joe Buck talk. Does he think he’s being a good announcer by not describing anything that’s happening, or does he realize that the majority of people tuning in hate him? Discuss.

– It was hard to watch the Vikings/Eagles game, because if the Bills ever make the playoffs under Dick Jauron (God forbid) it will play out just like it did for the Vikings. Poor clock management, a defense failing at the worst possible time, and a running back doing everything he can to win despite only twenty touches. The way the first half ended reminded me so much of Dick I probably looked like him while watching it.

– In the postgame for the Miami/Baltimore game the CBS crew mentioned that Miami had a mediocre offense that can’t throw deep and good defenses can lock down. Doesn’t that describe the Baltimore offense as well? In fact, you could make the same argument for the Tennessee offense, too. Does that mean we’re looking at a 6-3 final next weekend? When I mentioned this to Rich he responded by saying, “Unless Big Ben is concussed enough to throw touchdowns to Ed Reed.” Rich makes a strong point.

– Despite Philly’s win over Minnesota I don’t see them getting past the Giants. In fact, based on the way both New York and Carolina played two weeks ago I’d say I’m rooting for a rematch. It seems likely, but whenever anything seems likely in the playoffs the Chargers beat the Colts and screw everything up. Freaking Sproles.

– Say what you will about purple and yellow, but this is a cool horn. I want that horn to use in real life. Anytime something relatively good I want that to play. Win a dollar on a lottery ticket? Horn. Free sub on my Subway Card? Horn. Sound the feasting horn!

– Even though neither game yesterday was amazing, I’m going to miss football when it’s over. No matter how far they push the Super Bowl into February, the off season in football is incredibly long. I’m just not ready to talk about the draft, so I’m going to enjoy the last seven games of the season while I can.


  1. spavery

    The horn resembles the Horn of Gondor, which makes it even more awesome, and which makes me a dork…

  2. Destress Yourself


    that is funny, lol…