Emerging From Mom’s Basement

By Jon

The rumors aren’t true: The Goose’s Roost is not written by one man (Ryan) with four distinct personalities. Really, there are four contributors (Though one deprives himself of enough sleep and humanly contact to write 2,500 words three times a day while the other three ride on his coattails.)

Don’t believe us? Then join us tomorrow at Casa di Pizza on Elmwood for a night of pizza, beverages and bloggers, emerging from the depths of their mother’s basements and bravely exposing themselves to the outside world to crowd around a television watching grown men play hockey.

Those expected in attendance: Myself, Ryan, and Rich from the Roost (I’m working on Chris), the girl(s?) from Sabretooth’s House, Kevin from BfloBlog, Tedd from First Time, Long Time, Peter and Andrew from USRT, and many others.


  1. peter-usrt

    looking forward to bloggerfest II!

  2. firsttimelongtime

    You guys have fun at Casa di Pizza, I will be at JJ’s sports bar where they serve alcohol.

  3. Anne

    the girls from Sabretooth’s House will both be in attendance and are pumped about it.

  4. Jon

    I think I might actually try and be social and come out for this.

    I do love booze a whole lot.