Bruce and Ralph headed to Canton

By Jon

It looks like Canton will be painted blue and red come August, as both Bruce Smith and Ralph Wilson, Jr. are headed to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

To those headed to the enshrinement: When Ralph is introduced, will you cheer?

Update: Just announced that the Bills will play in the Hall of Fame game against the Titans, who will wear throwback Oilers uniforms. Road trip!


  1. Pauldub

    Today is a good day to be a Bill’s Fan.

  2. Ebscer

    I would cheer for Ralph.

    He was a huge contributor to the creation of the AFL and is responsible for Buffalo having a professional football team.

  3. Becky

    I definitely would cheer for Ralph. He was a founding father of the AFL and has always believed in the people of Buffalo, no matter how much he’s been trashed at times.

    I’d cheer for Bruce too 🙂

  4. spavery

    Any Bills fan who boos Ralph has no sense of perspective. He has always fought hard for the small market, and stresses the emotional connection between a team and its local fans. The last decade has been just awful, and I’ve denounced Wilson’s decisions more than anyone, but, he’s been loyal to Buffalo for 50 years. Do you think Jerry Jones would have kept the Bills in Buffalo?