Back in Action

by Ryan

I must apologize for the Roost going dark yesterday. A late start to a busy day meant no time to talk about the Leafs game or what’s on tap for this weekend. It’s too bad, I think I had some decent things to say. A post will be coming in a bit about this big sports weekend, but I just thought I’d ramble for a bit about a few things before I get blogger’s backup and explode into a neat little pile of confetti.

– People give Tim Connolly a hard time with injuries, but Marian Gaborik is getting up there. Jesus, ten weeks for hip surgery? Is he 67? I have to go, his trade value just plummeted into my basement. I should see if it broke anything.

– I was pumped to see Thomas Jones say what half of America is thinking. I think a big reason so many people get upset about Brett Favre and how the media treats him is because there is such a singular message attached to it. Everyone thinks the same thing about Brett Favre, and all we hear about is how great he is.

In the field of communication there is a theory called the “spiral of silence”. The basic theory is that people gravitate towards the opinions and voices they hear most often, and therefore the less popular opinions get lost in the shuffle. Those that feel differently are pressured into silence, and therefore those thoughts are strangled by the climate of opinions.

That’s why it’s so important to have differing opinions on something, and why the media praise of Brett Favre is so insane. People have a wide variety of feelings about him, but somehow the major sports outlets are convinced we all feel the same way: that he’s a football god. Hearing someone, let alone his own teammate, say he just might not be infallible is outstanding because it’s true. Somehow all that has been lost in the hype and praise. I honestly don’t care what happens to Brett Favre next season, but I’m glad someone called him out for this year.

– Team USA lost in the the quarterfinals against Slovakia. This is probably all that karma from making fun of Miroslav Satan; or maybe the fact that their goaltender had the game of his life. What a performance.

– I know I should be upset about this, but I think it’s kind of hilarious. Considering no one made any noise about Roscoe’s DUI last year, I doubt this will be a big deal either.

– Tomorrow Rich and I will be live-blogging the International Bowl at WNYMedia. I did the MAC Championship and it was a good time, so stop by for the fun around 12 or so.

– I still can’t decide if the Sabres played well or the Leafs just sucked that badly. I think it’s more of the latter than the former, but either way it was good to see them take advantage of a bad showing from an opponent for once. Boston will be the real test, and it’s just another part of the huge sports day coming up. More on that later.

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  1. Gambler

    or maybe the fact that their goaltender had the game of his life. What a performance.

    Seriously! I just caught the highlights last night, but I could tell that it definitely wasn’t for lack of trying that USA lost. I get more and more excited all the time that these games will be in Buffalo in two years, even if I won’t be.