A Novel Experiment

by Ryan

This is all the result of a lack of sleep and a random Google search. Since we started the site almost two years ago we’ve debated over the template we use. Jon likes a three column format, but I had never found one that I liked. A few days ago I started looking around for one that mirrored our current theme and, well, now we have this to play around with.

The new template is above, and here is the current one:

What we were thinking is this: you are the ones that have to look at the site, so we wanted to know what you thought. There are benefits for both, but I want to know what you have to say about both. We will probably have a poll up in a few days and decide from there. Here’s a few things about the test site:

– It’s wider, which takes up more of the screen. The top banner was extended to fit, and the third column means the front page can be shorter and load a bit faster.

– The columns are all narrower, however. This makes things on the sidebar look a bit scrunched, and has been described as “busy” by a few people.

– The ads? Honestly, they are just to anchor the left sidebar so it matches the right. We can put something else there if we change, it just looked strange without something there.

– That weird colored line below each post. Not a fan of that.

So, if you have any suggestions or comments about either site, let us know. Really, I’m interested.


  1. Steve

    I like it how it is now 🙂 – steve

  2. Anne M

    I like the three column format, especially because it means you can move some of your sidebar lists around and get the good stuff closer to the top of the page. I don’t have anything against the two-column format, but you guys have a lot of great links and the three column design offers more opportunity to showcase those.