"There is no Ryan Miller Situation"

by Ryan

Tim Peel in a quieter time with a much louder Sabres goalie

Listen, if the NHL says that nothing happened on Monday then I believe them. Why? Because the NHL is always right about everything, and as an infallible governing body it is futile to question it. Nothing ever happens that is out of their control or doesn’t fall in their favor. That’s just how it is, and the sooner you understand that the sooner we all can get back to enjoying hockey.

Trust your fellow linesman, people, and you too will reap the benefits of Valhalla.

This whole situation brings up an interesting conversation about player/referee interactions, as well as the effectiveness of officials in the sports world today. I know I’ve been teasing this post for some time, but Rich and I have been putting some thoughts together on the subject, and I promise by Christmas that will see the light of day.

For now let’s hold those thoughts and get ready for another game against Tampa Bay, and remember: There is no B-3 Bomber.


  1. Becky

    Speaking of Miller and ref interactions…..That was the worst reffed game I have ever seen, definitely including the bogus delay of game call against miller.

  2. Ryan

    Trust me, it’s been added to the list.

  3. TheTick

    The ref told miller he ‘probably’ shouldn’t have called that delay of game. Whatever, dude.