The Ten Worst Sports Moments of the Year

by Ryan

Everyone releases a top ten list of some sort around this time of year. Why not do two? Tomorrow I will run down the best, but we should get the worst out of the way, I suppose. These may not be in any particular order, but they all weren’t very good times for me.

10. Eight Bells dies.

If only because I saw this at Target and decided I needed to fit it in.

9. Sabres/Panthers, 2/10/08

The Richard Zednik game. The Sabres won, but I’ve never heard a crowd at HSBC Arena so quiet. Scary stuff, and if not for some fantastic response time by medical staff it could have been a tragedy unfolding right before out eyes.

8. Sabres/Sens, 1/4/08

This was the first game after the Winter Classic, and the Sabres laid an egg on home ice. It continued a ten game winless stretch for the team that pretty much killed the season and any chance for the playoffs. Ah, memories.

7. Brett Favre retires, second guesses himself, comes back, then murders Rachel Nichols in self defense.

Boy I can’t wait for the next episode of “Brett Favre Retires”. Check local listings in 2009!

6. Sabres/Bruins, 2/8/08

Sabres completely gave this one away, with Phil Kessel sneezing the puck past Ryan Miller it the shootout. An absolute meltdown in a season littered with similar performances.

5. Sabres/Flyers, 2/25/08

See above, plus Danny Briere and the words “poetic justice”.

4. Bills/Jets, 12/14/08

Also known as the J.P. Losman Bowl. This was a completely winable game that was blown by a questionable play call and a quarterback’s inability to feel pressure coming from behind. Apparently he couldn’t hear me scream “GET RID OF IT” from my couch, but he probably should have heard the collective yell coming from Western New York. The cloud of smug emitting from his postgame press conference is floating out over the Atlantic as we speak and will one day destroy a small village in Africa.

3. Boston Red Sox trade Manny

Losing the ALCS to the Rays was tough, but I was more proud of how hard the team fought than anything. Trading one of my favorite players was brutal, and I still haven’t really come to grips with it as a sports fan. There’s a lot of questionable things that Manny Ramirez did, but I’ll never hate him as a player no matter where he goes.

2. Bills vs. Browns, Monday Night Football

Do we even need to talk about it?

1. Bills vs. Dolphins @ Toronto

As much as the Monday Night game hurt, I’ve never been physically sick after a football game until this one. Everything about what took place in Toronto will bother a part of me that sports never get to. We will never be sure what happens to this team until it already comes to pass, but we will always know where it started. This game will be the fulcrum point, for better or worse.


  1. Jonathan

    Thanks for reminding me about “poetic justice”

    The Bills should stay off Monday Night. The last two were just too much to take.

  2. TheTick

    sooo…where would Jauron not getting shit-canned fit in on this list?

  3. Kevin

    I think Jauron is now 1(b).

    Regardless, well done. All that happened in one year? How is Buffalo’s suicide rate not higher?