The Sky is Falling

by Ryan

Sometimes I debate with myself to remove anonymous commenting. We really want everyone to have the opportunity to talk to us, but the occasional spam or “You a fag” makes me think we would be better off requiring at least some sense of accountability in what you say. And then every so often you get something like this:

Someone’s let JP Losman turn him into Chicken Little.

I had to laugh because it was true. Somewhere within me I believe what I wrote earlier today is true, but I really don’t like that part of me. That Ryan isn’t all that fun of a guy to be honest, and I doubt he has many friends. He’s probably socially awkward and only likes to talk about Battlestar Galactica and “attend” events like this.

Have the Bills really sucked that much life out of me? Probably not, but I can’t help but have that angry/sad feeling and attach it to everything right now. I’m sure the Greeks had a great word for it that I could use and it would make sense to everyone else, but I don’t study things like that enough to know it. Instead, I have to get out of this the only way I know how.

Right now we don’t have a football coach that could make me feel better, so I went out and got my own. This is by far one of my favorite sports movie moments ever, and I wish I had that version of Al Pacino screaming at me whenever I got down.

The sky is not falling, and I guess I needed a few comments and an unknown voice to snap me out of it.

I literally haven not talked about hockey here since Saturday afternoon, and that’s a shame. Here’s a few thoughts on the Sabres before they go into the Igloo for the last time this year.

– Thank God we are playing a team with somewhat normal uniforms. Those “BOLTS” unis are terrible. It’s like the worst All Star Uniform I’ve ever seen.

– The one good thing we got out of all this talk of selling is that we know what Thomas Vanek’s IQ is now.

Tim Connolly’s IQ? Negotiable.

– I give the Nathan Gerbe Experiment an initial review of “Meh.” He played pretty well, certainly played bigger then his height, but at times he looked lost out there. He will get better, and I expect a good game out of him tonight.

– Hecht doing anything other than flubbing breakaway passes is exciting, so I was thrilled to see him throw down with “The Best Player in the NHL”. The fact that he roughed him up only made me happier. Great to see a guy do something out of character like that, shows there still may be some desperation on this team.

– I’m pretty sure you all know my thoughts about the Penguins, so I’m hoping for another tough win. Grinding out wins against superior teams is something the Sabres are going to have to do to get back in this thing, and if they don’t know how just yet they need to learn. This is as good a time as any.

– This isn’t the last Sabres game at the Igloo, but we’re getting close. I feel like I have to get there at least once before it closes for good, even if I’m stuck in the Batcave…

The inches we need are everywhere around us. Go Sabres.