The Roost Recommends II

by Ryan

We did this a few months ago, and since a few other posts hit some snags this will have to do for now. Here are a few things worth checking out if you need to kill some time during the holidays.

The Roost Recommends…

“The Taqwacores”, by Michael Muhammad Knight

This one may be a bit out there, but it’s a really interesting book by a local author. A novel about a group of Islamic punks living near Buff State, with plenty of local references. It’s a bit difficult to read due to the Arabic terms (think Clockwork Orange-ish) and a pretty vulgar, but a really interesting read by a very cool guy. Think of Knight as the Islamic Chuck Klosterman. I’ve read his other book, Blue Eyed Devil as well, which is a lot like Klosterman’s Killing Yourself to Live, one of my favorites.

The Roost Recommends…

“If I”, Demetri Martin

Sometimes you find some pretty interesting things on YouTube. This is a six part series from a special centered around a palindrome. It goes through a lot of personal things in his life and how he comes up with jokes. It’s a really interesting way to construct a stand up routine, and Martin does a really great job with this one. People either love or hate him, so if you like him and haven’t seen this, give it a shot. Here’s part one:

The rest are easy to find on YouTube. Check them out, he’s an interesting guy.

For anyone curious, the four of us are in the process of reading a few other books that will get full reviews here, including “Men with Balls”, “The Free Darko MPBA”, and a few others. It’s going to be a busy December around here.

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