Snow Day and Other Thoughts

by Ryan

– When I was a little kid, snow days meant no school, sitting around the house all day, watching The Price is Right, playing video games., and building a snow fort. Now it means I can’t go places, shovel six times, and try to help my neighbors avoid a crippling heart attack. Either way I wish I had one of these (second one)

– This is why I don’t consider myself a “well informed citizen”: Yesterday I saw this headline and my first thought was, “Wow, he’s really taking this college football playoff thing seriously.”

– Jonathan had an excellent point in the comments regarding Ellis’ callup. To quote:

Ellis played with the Kings so he got called up so they know what their gameplan will be. Then sent right back down

A move right from the Belichick play book.

I’m not sure I believe it or not, but it sure is fun to consider whether Darcy and Lindy are that smart.

– A quick look at the ticketing system for the Sabres says that there are plenty of seats available in the corners for tonight’s game. I made the joke that because of the weather they should immediately drop the prices to “value” level. Not sure if it’s a coincidence, but there’s a fancy promotion button there now. Quick! Check the Blue Jays website!

– I find it sort of sad that I have 25 posts labeled with “seriously punch me in the face“. Speaking of that, is having that huge list of tags annoying to anyone? I feel like we should work on a tag cloud or something, but I’m not the one who has to look at the site all that much. Let me know what you think.

– Okay, back outside to shovel. If you don’t see a post before gametime, well, I hope you like when Chris posts.


  1. Heather B.

    I hate looking at my own huge list of tags and have been considering getting rid of it but I really don’t notice other people’s that much.

  2. Anne

    I’ve moved my list of tags around a few times and have gotten rid of it before, but as Heather said, I don’t pay attention to other people’s lists. Although I will say that I think it makes the list more functional for others if its organized alphabetically. If you want to find a tag and don’t know how often its used, it takes forever to find it.

  3. sabresfan88

    I like the tags. I’ll actually occasionally pick a few and look through them. I guess that’s when I’m really bored.

  4. Chris

    funny you mention the tags. yesterday i actually expanded the number of posts shown on the page too keep up with the long list of tags and insignificant banners.