Roy’s Junk, Lindy’s Funk, and Other Things That Don’t Rhyme

by Ryan

– First of all, I have to admit I’m surprised by the lack of opposition to my post about Lindy. The last time I mentioned that maybe he hasn’t been all that successful the response was… less than warm. I mean, I had to get new windows and everything. The good news is that all those bricks will make a lovely fireplace this winter. So yeah, there’s that.

– Rich made his yearly trip to Sunrise for the game last night, so you might hear about the terrible crowd and midget Panther sometime soon.

– I really wanted to talk about the Derek Roy Incident, but I can’t figure out how to approach it. I keep imagining myself on a stage with Bucky Gleason as he screams at me about blogs while Jason Pominville sits there mortified.

– Just a few programming notes: Next week Rich and I will have something for you about officials. We will also have a “Roost Recommends” post coming. We are pulling some ideas together for a Christmas List for Buffalo Sports fans, so look for those in a week or so. Also, we may have another “Insignificant” series before the year is up, so if you have any ideas let us know.

– I don’t think Avery should get six games, retroactive or otherwise. Suspending him for just that game would have been enough. Better yet, let the team decide what to do with him. While it’s nice to see the NHL get some face time with the MSM, a lot of this is getting blown out of proportion.

– By the way, what’s so bad about the phrase “sloppy seconds?” I’m pretty sure Shag and Scoob have said it before on Cartoon Network and no one bats an eye.

– Tonight we will be helping out at WNYMedia and live blogging the MAC Championship game. The software lets a bunch of sites post the same thing, so you can join it from here as well as Bfloblog and a few others. The thread will be posted at 6pm, so make sure you join us for some Ball State/UB fun. We won’t mention Jason Whitlock much, we promise.

– I think putting up 45 shots is awesome, I really do. One goal is still one goal. John Craig Anderson can be hotter than Morgan Freeman in The Gospel at Colonus, but you should score more than one goal on a “backup” goaltender. Miller may have missed his saves, but you don’t win hockey games when you score once. What happened to three per game? Did Dick’s Sporting Goods bring the hammer down or something?

– I love Canada sometimes. The Raptors fire Sam Mitchell and everyone worries about the lack of diversity among NBA coaches. TSN says screw that, he’s Canadian! TSN, the place where a Matt Stairs update is always seconds away.

We will be back later with the live chat and maybe some thoughts on the Sabres. Maybe.


  1. Anne

    After writing a paper continuously for like 2 days, I’m in one of those “i’m a douchebag”moods:

    Craig Anderson is the goalie

    John Anderson is the head coach of the Thrashers but if he was in net last night, that’s even sadder.

    /anne being an asshole

    Now that I’m done pointing out your errors ummm don’t look at my blog and point out all of mine, there’s not enough time in the day.

    But seriously, did you watch Anderson during the World Champs this summer? When you’re screaming for Robert Esche (who massively outplayed Anderson) you know the guy isn’t good.

    46 shots and only 1 goes in? That’s ridiculous. I feel like the Sabres are just shooting at the goalie and not, I don’t know, around him? off to the side of him, but still at the net? Just a thought.

  2. Ryan

    I’m pretty sure I was going for Sportscenter John Anderson over head coach John Anderson, but either way I was wrong.

    Don’t feel bad about pointing out mistakes. I’m glad someone tells me to be honest…

    And if anyone can find a video of Freeman in The Gospel at Colonus, I have a shiny nickel for them. What an epic performance…