Random notes: Cris Collinsworth is the man

By Jon

A few random bits and pieces…

– I know people are sick and tired of hearing about that wonderful Bills in Toronto series, but Alan Pergament has Showtime, and he brings us Cris Collinsworth’s comments on “Inside the NFL”

“In the history of the National Football League, there has never been anything dumber than the Buffalo Bills selling out their home game against the Miami Dolphins to go play in Toronto and take the cash,” said Collinsworth. “Season over. Thank you very much, Buffalo Bills. I hope they spend the money wisely.”

He pretty much echoes the sentiments of every Bills fan in WNY, but it’s nice to hear it from a respected member of the national media.

– My reaction to the whole Ryan Miller/ref cursing situation — Who f$#@%^&^ cares?

– Last night, after watching Atlas torch the Lightning, I posed a question to Chris and Ryan, and all three of us answered differently. It doesn’t really matter, and everyone outside of Bucky and Jim Kelley have stopped caring, but I found it interesting.

Who would you rather have on your hockey team — Chris Drury, Daniel Briere, or Thomas Vanek?

Feel free to reply in the comments and I’ll gather up the responses and discuss them in a future post.

– Are there any local college basketball fans out there? The UB-UConn game seemed to bring some out of their shell, but it doesn’t seem like there is much interest out there, which is a shame. Niagara has a good squad that should compete with Siena for the MAAC title and an NCAA bid, and SBU, Canisius, and UB should be better than the last few years.

Anyway, here’s a game to keep an eye on — Canisius (Ryan’s school) heads to Albany (my school) on Saturday to be royally whooped by the Great Danes.

If the Griffs win, I’m egging Ryan’s house. Who wants in?


  1. twoeightnine

    Vanek and I shouldn’t even have to think about justifying it.

  2. Ryan

    Don’t worry 289, I have you two covered. Give me a half hour.

  3. brian s.

    Vanek as well. I thought it was the right choice at the time, and it looks better now.

  4. Becky

    Vanek, of course.

  5. Talkin_Proud

    My lady asked if I could get season tix next year — for UB hoops.

    I’m an alum, been to a few game this year already and yes, there are a few of us college basketball fans out there.

  6. Jonathan

    So Ryan is the Griff.

    Well he’s the best writer on the blog then.

    No doubt about it.

  7. Ryan


    Comment of the week by far.

  8. Steeeeevo


    Briere never plays and Drury is completely insignificant this year.

    And how could you ever part ways with that awkward “I think I sh*t my pants” look that Vanek wears nightly??

  9. dave in Rocha

    Drury: 8/20/1976
    Briere: 10/6/1977
    Vanek: 1/19/1984

    That’s an extra 7 or 8 extra years of production that you’re getting with Tommy V. And that doesn’t even factor in that said production is X times greater with him to begin with.

    So yeah, it’s a no-brainer.

  10. Becky

    Maybe the question should have been “in their prime” but Vanek’s not there yet. That being the case, Vanek is still #1.