Quick (Perhaps Nonexistent) Hit

by Ryan

So the playoffs start in my keeper league this weekend, and I just realized that the week started last night. That whole Thursday Night Football thing happened, with the Saints and Bears playing. I guess. I didn’t see it, so whatever. Anyway, I had two players in the game (Drew Brees, Robbie Gould) and I didn’t even realize it was happening last night.

Now the good news is that I have 26 points in the bag going into this weekend, but, isn’t this bad? The not knowing it happened thing, that is. I completely ignored NFL football last night, and even after realizing it my biggest concern was that I somehow might have had Drew Brees on my bench or something.

I mean, this is coming from a guy who shuts down on Sundays to watch nothing but football, and who even watches on Monday Night regardless of the crappiness. I don’t miss opportunities to watch any kind of football, and the most powerful sports league in the country played a game last night and I didn’t even bat an eye? I mean, think about how many people don’t even have the ability to see this game, let alone care about it.

I mean… this is a problem, right? When the biggest fans you have couldn’t care less about missing your premiere broadcast programming, it’s time to lower your price tag a bit, right?