Phaneufed Update

by Ryan

Here’s the video of Sean Avery’s comments, with some help from 289 in the Bfloblog comments. (By the way, the post itself is the best way I saw the Rodgers death handled.)

I agree with 289, now that I see the intent he had I completely agree with the suspension, at least for the game that night. Having him out there would have got ugly fast. It’s good to see the Stars overcame all the Avery garbage and played well. We will see how long the suspension lasts, but based on how the Stars ownership acted I don’t think they will mind if it’s lengthy.


  1. Zach

    Still think he’s a big boy and can handle himself.


    Elisha Cuthbert is sloppy?

    …sounds more like sour grapes.

    With all the non-suspension hits to the head that have been happening lately…it’s disappointing to see that something like this takes precedence.

  3. sabresfan88

    Yeah, he’s an asshole, but still not suspension-worthy, in my opinion.

  4. Rachael and Lucinda

    Based on the comments of others on the team, I don’t think anyone really cares if he’s playing or not.