One Year Ago

by Ryan

Today is a special day.

One year ago, the heavens parted and Best Buy brought forth the greatest gift ever bestowed upon mankind: HD Television.

Yes, one year ago today we made the big switch to HDTV, and it has made all the difference in the world. I watch sports with a giddiness rarely seen in my life. My top three currently includes that television, chocolate peanut butter pie at holidays, and going to see sporting events in person. If there were a holiday where I could go to a football game, then come home and eat that pie while watching more football on that TV, words could not describe my euphoria.

Still, this television hasn’t just brought me joy. Not only has it made my life better, but you, the reader, have benefited from this as well. This television has brought you the Paul Gaustad Rally Helmet, as well as Eli Manning’s Super Bowl Face. It also makes watching hockey games played in Nassau almost tolerable, because we all know the lighting in that building is AWFUL.

Yesterday I was talking to someone about my TV and the upcoming anniversary and he said something like, “I remember when I didn’t believe in HDTV. Then I saw it and wondered why everyone kept it from me for so long.” I’ve heard this from at least a half dozen people.

So please share with us your HDTV “moment” in the comments. We all know where we were when we first experienced it, kind of like when JFK was shot. Shot by a beautiful rainbow of colors and clarity, that is.


  1. Anne

    I didn’t believe in the greatness of HDTV until the Ice Bowl. Then I went to my sister’s boyfriend’s house and I saw the light and every frozen bead of sweat on Sidney Crosby’s nose and I was hooked. Why watch anything that’s not in HD?

  2. brian s.

    I’m still in the “I don’t own a TV crowd” but do prefer to watch my sporting events in HD. But I thought you were going to say that the greatest gift ever bestowed upon mankind was Peyton Manning. Don’t know why, but that’s what I thought.

  3. Katie

    My HDTV moment came on Wednesday night, when our new TV was delivered and I got to watch the Sabres/Lightning Game in all its HD glory.

    I don’t think my life will ever be the same…

  4. dave in Rocha

    You’re going to think I’m crazy, but…

    Not only do I not have one yet, I don’t plan on getting one for at least a few more years.

    Ask yourself, how many times have you been bummed that a certain game isn’t being carried in HD? How many times have you tuned to a game that was supposed to be in HD, yet for some reason it’s not and you get all pissed? How many times have you flopped between cable, dish network and directv, just because of which one had the most HD channels?

    Maybe none of that applies to you personally, but it seems like I’ve heard those stories from everyone I know who has one. It’s like having a cell phone in the early 90s. Sure it’s really neat, but the technology is still developing and the infrastructure isn’t there yet to fully support it. Any benefits are outweighed (or at least balanced) by the frustrations surrounding it.