Nothing As It Seems

by Ryan

Let’s go back to October, when the world was a better place. The Bills were 5-1, the Sabres were 6-0-1, and Buffalo sports fans were dreaming of sugarplums and playoff spots. Wait, can we stay? I like this time much, much better. Anyway, this is what I said way back then:

Okay here’s the deal: the Sabres need to start losing soon so my expectations of them can be properly adjusted.

Well, they listened. It’s safe to say that my expectations since then have fallen dramatically, and perhaps that is a good thing. Sports in general have sucked the life out of me over the past month, and I just don’t expect much of anything out of anyone these days.

I mean, UB shocked the hell out of me last night. I said it in the thread, I was getting prepared for the game and realized I needed things to talk about when the game was a blowout. I started looking for rumors about Gill, maybe some draft expectations for Roosevelt and Willy. I never considered that the game could be in their favor in a blowout.

So maybe it’s better if I expect nothing, right? If that’s the right way to do it, I’m certainly there with this Sabres team. I completely expect an awful hockey game that Tampa squeaks out. Their team is a mess, their coaching situation is a disaster, and their owners are morons. I’m not going to say it’s like looking in a mirror, but, well, no I’m not going to say it.

7:30 tonight from Tampa Bay. Since when did Sabres hockey require a shot of methadone?


  1. D.O.

    You are probably right Ryan. If we let our expectation be much lower they may surprise us. It was kind of ugly but a win is a win right?

    Was that a couple of Pearl Jam references or just coincidence?

  2. Ryan

    Yeah, it was. I think Binaural is underrated if you ask me. Ugly win all around, I agree.

  3. D.O.

    I agree on Binaural…one of my favorite albums…but i like all of Pearl Jam’s albums

  4. brian s.

    I believe that No Code was their best album. But like D.O. I am a fan of all their work.