Not Enough Shoes in the World

by Ryan

7-9. 7-9. 6-8. You have to admit the man’s consistent. Going into week five the Bills had a 84.9% likelihood of making the playoffs. Then we realized they can’t beat anyone with a winning record. In fact, since their last playoff appearance the Bills have a sub .200 record against teams with winning records, and that number is only going to get smaller this year.

Yeah, everything seems to be going juuuust fine.

Did the James Hardy injury even affect you? I got that message today and it was like being told we’re out of milk. What a disappointment of a season for that rookie. So much for that immediate impact player.

Looking back on the season it seems to be a colossal disappointment all around. From the play on the field to the personnel decisions to marketing and public relations. Everything has gotten worse. Trent has regressed, and Lee didn’t touch the ball despite getting a huge contract extension. The Crowell Decision. Another year full of injuries on defense. Schobel. Marshawn’s legal troubles. The Toronto game. Everywhere you look is disappointment and mediocrity, yet it looks like nothing will change.

It’s embarrassing, sad, depressing, and scary. I’m embarrassed to remember how optimistic we were about this team, and depressed about where they are headed. Almost nothing positive came out of another five months of Bills football. Nothing. No improvement, no lessons learned, just more extensions and empty promises.

In fact, the only thing that has improved for this team is the bottom line. Sometimes it’s just hard to remember that’s all that matters.