Moment of Silence

by Ryan

Before we go about our respective evening plans I feel it necessary to ask for a moment of silence. You see, tonight the Canisius College Golden Griffins will travel down the 90 to take on the Syracuse Orange. Now while I don’t think the result of this journey was ever in doubt, recent events have combined to give this game the potential to be really, really bad.

You see, Canisius is not that good. This isn’t much of a surprise to anyone. What also isn’t much of a surprise is that Syracuse is indeed a very good basketball team. As someone who watched them dismantle Long Beach State on Saturday I can say they have the potential to do some real damage in the tournament next March.

And then this went and happened.

So tonight Canisus isn’t just going to lose, they are going to get murdered. This is going to be an angry Orange team taking on a hapless group of Griffs. There will be no “hanging in there”, only an outright slaughter that the crowd will be begging to see. That frustration from that three point dagger will be taken out in full force.

So tonight say a prayer for the Griffs. It’s going to be a long bus ride back to the 716.


  1. Jonathan

    The game is on ESPNU if you want to watch a public execution

  2. Ryan

    Really? Thats… terrible. What an awful way to get national exposure. I’ll be at the Sabres game thank God, but what happens when bored people flick over and witness the horror? Shouldn’t the government block these kind of things? Like a V-chip or something?

  3. twoeightnine

    Devendorf is going to choke a Griff.

  4. Ryan

    No no, 289. Just pushed gently and maybe have their bus kicked a few times.

  5. buffalosportsfan

    Devendorf doesn’t choke a Griff, he only hits women at 3am who almost run him over with their car after being underage at a bar.

  6. amy

    Peter Canisius, pray for them.

    I still can’t get over that Cleveland State shot. Talk about luck.

  7. peter-usrt

    Amazing to witness, had that been a conference game with implications or a Tournament game that would go down in college hoops history as shot to remember for all time. As it is, you’ll be seeing it on highlight reels for the rest of the college hoops season and possibly the centerpeice of some 20′ x 30′ mural at the Cleveland State Convocation Center.