In Soviet Russia, Afinogenov Trades You

by Ryan

Reports are saying Max will ride the press box wall tonight, but that’s not the biggest story about our little crazylegs today.

From the Toronto Sun

Maxim Afinogenov likely is headed for the KHL at his earliest opportunity, a big reason the Sabres can’t move the disgruntled, one-dimensional winger this year…

A small but important report, as it would explain why he’s still on a team chock full of forwards ready to produce. It may be a convenient excuse circulated by the team, but when you think about it Maxim Afinogenov is the perfect player for a fledgling league like the KHL. I say good luck to him if that’s his life dream.

At this point, if he goes, he goes.


  1. twoeightnine

    I’m not sure how much I believe this.

    A) Max would have to be really, really homesick (and dumb) to play in the KHL. The league is already struggling to pay its players and teams are going to fold midseason. Some NHL team is going to take a chance on him and pay him the bucks thinking that a change of scenery is all he needs. There’s too much wasted potential there for it to not happen. Someone like Tampa is going to do it.

    B) It was a one sentence statement buried in a Toronto Sun article. No reason or basis given. You’re telling me that Bucky doesn’t know anything about this? He played the “I know something you don’t card” already, you know he’s be holding this over Darcy’s head. Another player gone with nothing in return? Shoulda traded him when he could have.

    C)The rumor floating around the Canadian blogosphere all summer was that Dimitri Kalinin was returning to Russia even before the Sabres decided to not re-sign him. Unless he’s living in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn that didn’t happen.

  2. Katebits

    Yeah, I’m with 289. I don’t think this story has a very high truth quotient. Max plays his cards pretty close to his chest in terms of the press. If there is some idea within the NHL that he wants to go back to Russia I think it’s all based on conjecture. The only thing I’ve heard recently about Max is that he just got his US citizenship. That hardly screams “Russia or bust”.

  3. Gambler

    True or not, it certainly led to a hilarious blog title. Good job with that one, Ryan. It made me laugh.

  4. spavery

    I too appreciate the dual reference to Yakov Shmirnoff and Rocky IV. Well done, sir.