Hammer Time

by Ryan

So it looks like Trent Edwards will be starting on Sunday, but yesterday I got the best text message of the season from the Bills. No, it wasn’t that Dick Jauron was mauled by a bear, but close. Here, let’s just quote the article I linked instead.

Gibran Hamdan was the backup signal caller the last two weeks with Trent Edwards too injured to be anything more than an emergency quarterback against Miami and New York.

But this week with all three of Buffalo’s quarterbacks healthy Hamdan will remain the backup for the Denver game.

That’s right J.P., to the back of the bus you go.

What’s so great about this move is that it looks like the Bills are doing everything they can to screw over Losman’s job search for a job come Free Agency. Everyone knows that his time in Buffalo is over, and he’s even been talking about next year in his press conferences. It looks like the Bills didn’t appreciate that much, and suddenly he’s not even our second best option.

It may not have a real impact on what happens to him but you can’t deny the symbolism in the move. The sad thing is that this may be the best roster move the team has made all year. The Bills may not be good at much these days, but they sure know how to screw over their own players.

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  1. twoeightnine

    Isn’t it the exact opposite though? Since he won’t be on the field showing how much he sucks.