Gameday Prep: Bills @ Broncos

by Ryan

It may be all over but the crying, but are you really going to stop watching now? Didn’t think so. We’re all in this pathetic display of football together. Consider this your Gameday Prep.

Announcers: Ian Eagle, Solomon Wilcots (Courtesy of Awful Announcing)

Game Distribution Maps: Courtesy of the506.

Depth Charts: Broncos, Bills

Stats:, ESPN, or Yahoo Sports all do a good job. If you have fantasy teams through Yahoo, you’re better off paying the ten bucks for “stattracker”, it’s a lifesaver.

Things They’ve Been Saying:
– Did Roscoe get snubbed for the Pro Bowl?

Simmons on the Jauron extension:

Put it this way: If the Bills’ fans were Ralph Wilson’s children, and Wilson did the everyday-life equivalent of giving Jauron a three-year extension after that Jets game — whether it was giving a Buffalo real estate developer $30 million for a condo project downtown, backing Vincent Gallo for “Buffalo 66 II: Electric Boogaloo,” spending $10 million on a backyard stage so the Goo Goo Dolls could come over and rehearse, or announcing at dinner, “Good news, I just bought eight courtside seats for the Buffalo Braves!” — the Bills’ fans would be scouting nursing homes for him right now. It’s true.

– Here’s the game preview from

Unless two quarterbacks get maulled by bears, J.P. probably isn’t playing, so I won’t be writing explitive-laden posts this evening. That’s probably for the best.

Song that Makes Sense to Listen to Today: “Rocky Mountain High”, John Denver

Fun Facts:

– Once again the Bills play against a big player on my fantasy team, which is in the championship game this week. This time it’s Brandon Marshall. This could be… interesting.

– Hey there was a football game on last night. I was going to write about all that yesterday but then the Gauthier thing happened. Maybe sometime this week I’ll get back to a few points on the Thursday/Saturday night games.

– Here’s the current playoff picture

KSK finally gets around to talking about Dick. No, not that kind.

Okay, that’s it. Game time. I’ll be around all day, so if you have a thought drop a line. Comments, email, or our AIM: GoosesRoost28.

Go Bills.


  1. dave in Rocha

    Two questions:

    Where did you find that amazing yet horrible picture at the bottom, and how come it hasn’t been used 1500 times yet as a metaphor for this Bills season? It’s such a cool photo, yet the reality depicted in it is so horrible.

  2. Ryan

    Ha I just found it on Friday night. Kevin was talking about trying to save the buffalo grapic, so I google searched “running buffalo” and it was one of the first hits. No buffalo penis, though…