Ease the Pain

Wes Welker got lit up as the Patriots lost at home again. What’s that you say? The Bills could have made a game up against two division opponents? I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over J.P. Losman’s postgame press conference. Boy, you’d think we won something by the way that cocky bastard spoke. If he played with that confidence on the field he would be a bearded Drew Brees. Or, well, competent.

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  1. TalkBuffaloSports.com

    Welker got knocked the f-out…

    …I heard JP on WGR this morning…you nailed it. We just lost the game assclown…you aren’t making any sense.

    Take this lame bus of failures and drive it into Lake Erie already.

    San Fran and Cleveland were two of the most uninspiring, uncreative and God awful offensive displays.

    The running game was good you say? THEN WHY DIDN’T WE KEEP RUNNING THE BALL?