Buffalo Sports Fan’s Christmas List

by Ryan

Last year we did a sarcastic Secret Santa series around the holiday season, but this year we thought it would be nice to actually help you out. Every day until Christmas we will give you something to give the Buffalo Sports fan in your life. Think of it as the gift guide for the depressed guy/girl in your life who has everything nothing. Some will be useful, some will be pointless, and all will be accepted if you want to give us a present.

A hat tip goes to 289 for this first one. 289 also has a variety of shirts available that would make lovely Christmas gifts. However, today we start with an easy one, and a relatively cheap one at that: a throwback Buffalo Sabres jersey on clearance from shop.nhl.com.

The usefulness of this product depends on how much you like the new third jersey, I suppose. If you prefer the old school look or are frugal, this is the gift for you. The catch here is that it’s only available in XL, but for $45 bucks you may find a way to make it work. If you would be swimming in it, one suggestion is to buy it for the purpose of memorabilia. Framed jerseys look awesome on an office wall or even next to your big screen TV. Perfect for any man cave or even your average sized man.

Better yet, go out and find a Sabres alumni and get it signed. Or even a current Sabre, if they played on the team back when that was the third jersey it’s an excellent purchase. I wouldn’t recommend carrying this thing around the nightclub looking for Derek Roy or anything, but I’m just tossing ideas out here.

The bad news is that you have to buy it blank, but that may actually be for the best. (I’m looking at you, Maxim Afinogenov) If you’d like to get a name put on it and want some suggestions the comments may be the place to find that advice. I know a few readers have asked in the past and have some experience with local shops and prices. Check back each day for another gift and some more rambling.


  1. twoeightnine

    If that was a large or a medium it would have been mine.

    I walked past the new third jersey at Dicks yesterday and was thisclose to picking up an Atlas. They’re so nice but $150 is so much money.

  2. The Founding Father

    “Man Cave” was a term invented by the HGTV network. Find out the real deal at http://www.themantuary.com

    Be A Man.

    – The Founding Father