Buffalo Sports Fan’s Christmas List VII

by Ryan

Last year we did a sarcastic Secret Santa series around the holiday season, but this year we thought it would be nice to actually help you out. Every day until Christmas we will give you something to give the Buffalo Sports fan in your life. Think of it as the gift guide for the depressed guy/girl who has everything nothing. Some will be useful, some will be pointless, and all will be accepted if you want to give us a present.

Today we go with another Bills-inspired gift, and a much happier one at that. The Greatest Comeback of All Time DVD.

If you’ve ever seen this show before on ESPN or maybe NFL Network then you know what I’m talking about. It’s a very interesting take on the game that not only shows you the highlights but gets interviews from both sides.

Everyone from Bills and Oilers players to their play by play men are given camera time, and it’s fun to look back on such an amazing game. Sometimes you need a pick me up during a bad football season, and this just might be it for some.

We will have a gameday post up in a bit as well as some reaction to last night’s Sabres game.


  1. Katie

    This pick made me smile because a week ago I ordered this for my dad for Christmas. I know that he will be watching it as soon as presents are done being opened.

  2. Ryan