Buffalo Sports Fan’s Christmas List V

by Ryan

Last year we did a sarcastic Secret Santa series around the holiday season, but this year we thought it would be nice to actually help you out. Every day until Christmas we will give you something to give the Buffalo Sports fan in your life. Think of it as the gift guide for the depressed guy/girl who has everything nothing. Some will be useful, some will be pointless, and all will be accepted if you want to give us a present.

Today’s gift is another quick one, but we were talking about the Winter Classic yesterday and decided something on the list should involve it. Our pick today is the The Winter Classic DVD.

The link has an option to buy it online, but your best bet is to head down to the Sabres Store and take care of things yourself. (Kings game tonight! Silver pricing! Woo!) For ten bucks you honestly can’t beat it. I saw it a few weeks ago and it was really cool to see how things were put together over the course of that week, as well as hear Lindy Ruff say exactly the same thing for two intermissions.

No really, the more I think about the Winter Classic the more I’m amazed by the fact that it actually happened. This really is the perfect way to refresh the memory of someone that was there, and some of the money goes to a good cause to boot.