Buffalo Sports Fan’s Christmas List III

By Chris

Last year we did a sarcastic Secret Santa series around the holiday season, but this year we thought it would be nice to actually help you out. Every day until Christmas we will give you something to give the Buffalo Sports fan in your life. Think of it as the gift guide for the depressed guy/girl in your life who has everything nothing. Some will be useful, some will be pointless, and all will be accepted if you want to give us a present.

Today, two books on the early days of the Buffalo Bills that I hope to find under my Christmas tree.

First, Rockin’ the Rockpile: The Buffalo Bills of the American Football League by Jeffrey Miller.

The book is massive, almost 600 pages in length, and tells the story of the Bills from their first kickoff. If you’re looking to learn about the history of the team and detailed narratives of the team’s early years in the AFL.

Also for your consideration regarding the early years of the Bills, Larry Felser’s new book, The Birth of the New NFL: How the 1966 NFL/AFL Merger Transformed Pro Football.

This book may actually serve as a sequel to Rockin’ the Rockpile, as Felser talks in great depth into what went into merging the two most powerful pro football leagues in the country. Felser looks into the founding of the league we all love and hate, the NFL and how it all came to be.

I haven’t read either yet, but I hope to be able to get through at least one of them over the holiday break.


  1. Anne

    I was at Barnes and Noble today and a little old lady bought Rockin’ the Rockpile. I was like “Ah, did you read The Goose’s Roost recommendation?”

  2. Ryan

    And then she said, “But I thought the resturant closed!?!”

  3. Chris

    maybe it was my grandma buying it for me as a christmas present. /wishful thinking