Buffalo Sports Fan’s Christmas List II

by Ryan

Last year we did a sarcastic Secret Santa series around the holiday season, but this year we thought it would be nice to actually help you out. Every day until Christmas we will give you something to give the Buffalo Sports fan in your life. Think of it as the gift guide for the depressed guy/girl in your life who has everything nothing. Some will be useful, some will be pointless, and all will be accepted if you want to give us a present.

Today’s gift is a bit pricey, but we may have found one even the most frugal of shoppers may find acceptable. What are we talking about? Fatheads, of course.

Sorry, that one’s for Nolan Pratt. Anyway, there are quite a few choices a Buffalo sports fan could find wall space for. Bruce Smith is there if you want to celebrate his Hall of Fame induction a bit early. If you want something more recent you can go with Ryan Miller, or even just go with a logo or helmet if you want to take the easy way out.

The problem is that these things are way overpriced, but this one is almost worth it. Actually, anything that puts a six foot tall Jim Kelly on your wall is worth the asking price, really.

We figure this one has the best chance to mean something to you the longest. Current players will come and go, and the slug logo isn’t worth putting up anywhere, but Jim Kelly will always be Jim Kelly.

Unless you never really liked him, then go with the Stanley Cup.


  1. Ryan

    Somehow this didn’t get posted yesterday, so you get two today.

  2. Chris

    No it did post. But when I went to copy the html for the introduction, I think I hit republish or something by mistake. Either way, it’s up (that’s what she said).