Buffalo Goes Blue and Orange

Man that is one ugly buffalo. But at least it’s not a slug.

New uniforms will be unveiled on Jan. 16.

UPDATE: If you plan on going to Dunn Tire Park for a game in the spring, you’re going to get lost. Welcome to Coca-Cola Field.

And am I the only one who hopes that this new logo only ends up on the jersey as a patch on the sleeve? I really hope they keep a stylized “B” on the caps.


  1. Ryan

    Hey, at least it is a buffalo…

  2. twoeightnine

    Helluva skyline in Buffalo. That city has a bright future.

  3. Ryan

    I see they left an open spot for the casino. And Bass Pro. And the Adelphia Building. And the… Aud?

  4. amy

    I hope that the new look and logo mean that Buster and the other mascots are going to get a makeover. The current versions are terrifying.

  5. spavery

    I like it.

  6. porky

    I like it, too.

  7. Heather B.

    I like it but it is way too busy for a cap. I’m hoping there’s something else going on there too.

  8. buffalosportsfan

    Perfectly said by Heather. I think it’s a pretty good go at it and it’s somewhat online with the Mets stuff as well. But they gotta figure something out for the caps.

  9. twoeightnine

    It’s not good. It’s every generic cliche being used in logo design today rolled into one.

    Hard beveled blocky text? Check. Cartoonish mascot? Check. Over-highlighting said cartoonish mascot? Check.
    Misrepresentation of the city? Check. (Seriously, I just realized that there are THREE skylines in the logo. Buffalo’s growing!)
    Tyra Banksness (aka fierceness)? Check.
    A ridiculous number of colors and shades? Check.

  10. Ryan

    I agree that it looks too busy, and I have no idea how that will work on a cap. With all that beveled stuff they will probably just use a patch and iron it on. (Which looks terrible and rushed, like every World Series cap these days)

    The problem with what 289 has outlined is that anything with that much detail on it has to be huge or it will look wrong. Check out how different the two logos look on the header for the Bisons website. The first one looks fine, but the logo itself is completely smushed on the right. Not good.

  11. twoeightnine

    The hats are out, you can see them on the Bisons’ site in the second story. What they should go with is the Brooklyn Dodgers hat in Mets colors.