Another Reason to Holdout

By Chris

I’m not a professional football player. That much is obvious.

But if I refused to show up for work for 43 days, don’t answer anyone’s calls and become a mysterious recluse because I want a new contract, then I probably won’t have a job to come back to. There’s absolutely no chance I would be honored in the office at the end of the year as the best in my department and earn a week vacation in Hawaii.

That’s because I’m not a professional football player.

Jason Peters, as it was announced yesterday, is going to Honolulu to represent the AFC as the conference’s starting left tackle in the Pro Bowl on Feb. 8.

Still scratching your head over it?

It really doesn’t make much sense, considering Peters’ situation and the position the Bills are in. Has he really been that spectacular this year? If I recall it took him a few games to even get back in the swing of things. He may be very talented, but he shouldn’t be on the Pro Bowl squad this season.

If anything, this gives him even more ammunition in his inevitable holdout once OTA’s start up again. The Bills have a wealth of problems at a variety of positions (quarterback, linebacker, safety, center, tight end, wide receiver, the list goes on and on). The last thing they need to worry about is having a left tackle who goes MIA again for two months while you’re trying to get through training camp.

If I’m Russ Brandon and a team is looking to trade for Peters, who will probably make the Pro Bowl for the rest of his career based on reputation alone, then I’m certainly taking the call and listening. Take the picks or bodies (or both) and rebuild this team.

A franchise with as many problems as the Bills needs as few distractions as possible and just focus on the football–a losing team with divas on it? Who even wants to even cheer for that?


  1. twoeightnine

    He’s not going to hold out, he’s not going to be our biggest problem. By the end of the year he was back performing at this Pro Bowl form (and remember, he’s still only been doing this for a couple years) and we’ll hopefully be drafting Alex Mack to complete the line.

    Both sides saw how much damage the hold out did to both sides. He’s our biggest priority this winter, will get his contract and be in camp on time.

  2. Ryan

    If not we should trade him for a pick and draft Mike Oher. I’m not sure if I’m kidding.

  3. twoeightnine

    You’re going to have to pay Oher just as much if not more money than Peters.

  4. Ryan

    That’s true, and it’s unlikely that he falls to us. I honestly hope the Bills take care of Peters because there are just so many holes on this team. Still.

  5. ebscer

    Given Peters play this season, when he finally did show up, I’m not even sure that he deserves to start for Buffalo, let alone in the po-bowl.

    Given the number of penalties he takes, it really wouldn’t be much worse to let them sack the quarterback each down…