Ambling Madly All Over the Town

by Ryan

Just a few links and thoughts that I’ve wanted to cover over the last few days. We will have something bigger later on.

– You may not have noticed, but Jerry Sullivan has been on fire recently. His last few columns have been excellent, and he nailed it on Sunday. I’m certainly not his biggest fan, but I feel like sending him a “Thank you” email or something for the past month.

– The KHL will hold its All Star Game outside. There are at least 400 jokes I could make about this, but I get yelled at for the mere mention of Ted Rodgers these days. Needless to say, expect plenty of heart out of Team Jagr.

– This has nothing to do with sports, but I think this is completely justified. Let me go on record now and say that if I don’t get a pony for Christmas I will burn this mother down.

– The Big Lead had a good read about the media’s love affair with Tim Tebow and Tyler Hansbrough. After hearing him called “the greatest athlete in the history of the game” on Saturday I truly hope Tebow becomes the greatest Tasty Freeze manager of all time.

– I’d like to take this time to thank the photographers for The Associated Press for providing me with an image of Dick Jauron looking mortified. Each week I search with eager anticipation for this image, and you haven’t let me down yet. Here’s this week’s, which looks slightly artificial and neutral compared to others.

Perhaps Dick has chameleon-like qualities?

– If I had the time I would photoshop a penguin leaping over a shark. Jesus, that site’s nothing more than a Twitter feed these days.

– I’ve been searching for the Goose hit on Lovejoy but it hasn’t turned up yet. Someone has to have that, right? Let me know if you find it, it deserves it’s own post.

– Did anyone else just see this and nod?

– It’s exciting times around these parts because I almost have enough free time to read the Free Darko book. I may even sleep soon, which would be a refreshing change of pace.

– I know talking about fantasy football is a blogging sin, but please let me have this. I was going to make this it’s own post but I wanted to keep the damage minimal. Remember when I talked about my new keeper league philosophy and Chris said we would finish last? Well, we made the playoffs (and money) with the 3 seed. Thomas Jones has been a monster and our Smith/Johnson/Marshall combo has been excellent. Did we mention Drew Brees?

Oh, and Chris missed the playoffs.


  1. Ryan

    Thanks Jonathan. I’ll put it up in a bit.

  2. dave in Rocha

    Re: Sullivan

    While I do like the jist of his article that you linked to, I can’t help but think of two things:

    1) He seems to make the point that this Toronto experiment and this failed season has been a slap in the face of the good, loyal Bills fans. But wasn’t he the one who was telling all us Bills fans that we’re idiots for “supporting mediocrity”, or some crap like that? So which is it? You can’t piss on the fans one month, then lament how badly they’re being treated the next.

    2) I still can’t get over how he held up Kessel, Crosby, Staal, Kane and Toews as examples of why the Sabres should be playing Gerbe and Kennedy. There is a chasm of differences between our young kids and those players, and it’s insulting to pretend that there isn’t.