About Saturday Night

by Ryan

FACT: Clarke MacArthur has the same amount of goals (10) as Jason Pominville.

FACT: The Sabres gave up two goals in the final 1:34 of play.

FACT: The Sabres got two points.

Which fact is most important to you? That third one should be most important. That’s the one that really matters, I suppose. Still, it really feels like there isn’t much positive to take out of the Islanders game because of how long it went on. When Clarke MacArthur wrists it home it should be over. A 3-1 game on home ice is money, right?

All of a sudden you’re in overtime wondering what the hell happened. It should have been over at least four times, but that’s how the Sabres have been playing this season. Rich and I kept saying “This is one of those games that slips away,” and sure enough it’s tied up with two seconds left.

Maybe it’s not a major sign of weakness to give up a two goal lead that quickly, but this was the freaking Islanders. They looked terrible all night and scored once on a Miller brain fart. Where did that suddenly firepower come from? Chris Campoli and Mike Comrie, with five goals between them before Saturday night. (Speaking of that… Mike Comrie is making four freaking million dollars this year to score three goals? He’s the Canadian Maxim Afinogenov. Jesus.) Not exactly a murderer’s row that did the job on Saturday.

Thank God for the fact that Joey MacDonald was in net for the Isles, who looked completely lost in the shootout. I think he was the only person in the building who didn’t know Kotalik was going backhand, and Stafford barely put the deke on him before it was in. Getting past the overtime period pretty much locked up that second point, but it should have never gotten to that point in the first place.

I want someone to invent a stat that calculates how many points a team gives away per year. It isn’t an exact science, but it’s safe to say the Sabres are already in the double digits in this hypothetical stat category. We aren’t chasing the Islanders these days, but you aren’t supposed to leave the door open for teams below you, either.

A good team takes care of New York with ease. The Sabres were about six minutes away from doing just that. The question remains, are the Sabres just a few minutes away from being a “good” team, or is something more truly necessary? It’s an honest question, one they may not know themselves and may take the entire season to answer.


  1. twoeightnine

    So here’s my theory. The Sabres knew that they would get 2 points in the shootout so they threw the game to give the Islanders an unvaluable point in the Tavares derby. Why did they do this? Because the two fat Islanders fans across the aisle from me were annoying as fuck.

    And I’ve still never seen a Sabres loss in person that was played indoors. Someone should just give me tickets to all the games.

  2. Ogre39666

    I almost wish the Sabres would tank, just so they could have a chance to get Victor Hedman (the 6-6, 220lbs. Swedish d-man) in the draft.

  3. No Use for a Nick Name

    No comment on that ultra retarded penalty Clarke decided to take 30 seconds after his goal – to let them back in the game?

    You’re right, the 2 points were important. But not as important (similar to 289’s theory above) as the double or nothing my bettee took on the shootout…who were those chumps the iles sent up there?

  4. twoeightnine

    Max’s penalty was worse. Everyone in the arena saw it coming. MAX! MAAAAX! NOOOOO MAX! MAAAAAAAAAX! *whistle* fucking max.

  5. Ryan


    I had just talked about Clarke taking stupid penalties a few games ago, so I didn’t want to be redundant. Talking about Max would be the same story, I suppose.

    I like the name, by the way. Somehow I feel like it directly involves us not allowing anons anymore. There’s a story about that…